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UI Schemes - Better than Themes

Choose between two major UI schemes: Alpha Gorilla and Classic Silvrback. These aren't called themes because they are more than themes. A UI scheme changes both your front-end blog and the back-end editing platform (and some other pages like your bio admin).

I believe the writing process and UX should be as tightly coupled to the final product as possible, so Silvrback will never use the typical blog approach of merely slapping skins onto the front-end.



Full Page Cover Images

Build your audience and your brand. Your homepage header area allows for a big profile image, as well as a bio sentence with your Twitter handle automatically appended. Every individual post page can also have its own full page cover image.

Darken your images for enhanced text readability, assign author credits and more...

You can also choose from top palettes on colourlovers.com for your post backgrounds. Having the option to choose a nice color gets rid of the annoyance of searching for a cover image that looks good.


Silvrback has massive color customization baked in. You can also select one of these solid colors for your homepage background and your admin article dashboard.


Email Subscriptions

Your fans can subscribe to be notified by email whenever your publish a new article. They can unsubscribe at any time. You have full ownership of the data. Your subscribers' emails are listed on your admin "Subscribers" page.

Hosted on the Cloud & Fully Scalable

Don't waste your time setting up servers for your blog. Focus on your brand and your product instead.

Silvrback is built on the backbone of AWS (Heroku), and it is setup to autoscale when a traffic surge is detected. The front-end uses memcached extensively, so your pages will load fast for your readers.


Use a Custom Domain for your Blog

Optional. Just point your domain to us and we will take care of the rest. Don't worry about managing traffic spikes, hack attempts, database errors... Enjoy the personalization of having your own domain with the Silvrback blogging platform.


You also have the option to use a personalized Silvrback subdomain for your blog (e.g., yourname.silvrback.com).


Beautiful Syntax Highlighting

Only relevant to programmers. Choose between six different highlighting schemes to display your code (Monokai theme shown above).

Silvrback uses Pygments for highlighting, thus it has support for over 300 languages.


Track your readership with Google Analytics

See how many people are reading your articles and find out how they discovered your blog. Google Analytics has just about every trackable metric under the sun to keep you busy for hours.

Make a Bio Page to Organize Your Web Presence

List your popular blog posts, publications, jobs, hobbies, and anything else you might want to highlight. Add tags to give them more meaning. See an example bio page.


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